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Teacher/Class Pages


Monticello Academy's faculty and staff endeavor to aid students in their learning and to keep families in the "loop" by using the latest computer and internet technologies at their disposal.  Each teacher maintains a "Teacher Page" which include updates on their classes, news, pictures, current assignments, and much more! 


For a list of teacher's phone directory, click HERE.


Classroom pages:

Elementary Core Classes:
Kindergarten 1
Kindergarten 2
First Grade A
First Grade B
Second Grade A
Second Grade B
Third Grade A
Third Grade B
Fourth Grade A
Fourth Grade B
Fifth Grade A
Fifth Grade B

Middle School Core Classes:
Sixth Grade A: Science, Math, English, History
Sixth Grade B: Science, Math, English, History
Seventh Grade A: Science, Math, English, History
Seventh Grade B: Science, Math, English, History
Eighth Grade A: Science, Math, English, History
Eighth Grade B: Science, Math, English, History

Enhancement Classes:
Music (K-8th)
Art/Drama (K-8th)
Computer Technology (K-3rd)
Computer Technology (4th-8th)
Physical Education (K-8th)
Spanish (K-8th)

Kindergarten After-School
First Grade After-School 
Second Grade After-School
B.I.G. Kids
Middle School Afterschool


Teacher pages (in alphabetical order):


Mayra Contreras

Middle School English Teacher (Ext 156)

Seventh Grade Adviser


Maria Figueroa

Spanish Teacher (Ext 147)


Josiah Fluker
227 1-452590.jpg
Physical Education Teacher and Director (Ext 104)


John Freitas
493 1-499165C.jpg
Fifth Grade A Teacher (Ext 108)


Lonie Fullerton
485 1-499165C.jpg
Art & Drama Teacher and Director (Ext 151)



Kelly Green

491 1-499165C.jpg
Third Grade A Teacher (Ext 132)


Natalie Haworth-Liu

497 1-499165C.jpg
Music and Band Teacher (Ext 150)


Arrash Jaffarzadeh
Director of Martial Arts and Educational Technology (Ext 120)
Technology and Taekwondo Teacher



Ling Lam

Technology Teacher (Ext 130)


Allison Lamb

Fourth Grade B Teacher (Ext 133)

Middle School Geometry Teacher


Amanda Loy

First Grade B Teacher (Ext 119)


Amelia Fishpaw

Third Grade B Teacher (Ext 117)



Sarireh Nadimi
407 1-452586.jpg
Kindergarten 1 Teacher (Ext 102)


Karen O'Bannion

443 1-499165C.jpg
First Grade A Teacher (Ext 118)


Reema Sandhu

Second Grade B Teacher (Ext 114)


Diana Savastio

430 1-499166C.jpg
Fifth Grade B Teacher (Ext 105)


Cori Stevenson
159 1-452591.jpg
Middle School Math Teacher (Ext 154)

Eight Grade Adviser


Anca Togan
417 1-452586.jpg
Kindergarten 2 Teacher (Ext 127)


Vicki Tran

Fourth Grade A Teacher (Ext 145)


Matthew Tyler
479 1-452587.jpg
Middle School Dean of Students (Ext 155)
Middle School History Teacher
Sixth Grade Adviser



Elise Walker
477 1-452587.jpg
Second Grade A Teacher (Ext 103)


Suzy Woodley

Middle School Science Teacher (Ext 153)


Please contact to report any broken links or trouble contacting your teacher.

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