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Project Cornerstone ABC Reader Program

Above are some pictures of Ms. Celena with the Pre Kindergarten children having fun doing the Project Cornerstone ABC (Asset Building Champions) curriculum.  Ms. Celena visits the Pre Kindergarten classrooms every month to read stories, lead discussions and share activities to help the children feel valued, respected and known at school.  On the day that Ms. Celena visits the classrooms she will email a letter to the parents in that classroom to explain what was talked about in class.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Celena if you have any further questions about the program. 

Monroe Campus

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As a reminder to parents, the new school year does not start until after Labor Day, September 3, 2019.  Transition will take place sometime in the summer if we have any availability.  We do not move children up based on birthdays, but more on their development.  Since we scale our curriculum to meet various developmental and academic needs of the children, we are able to accommodate the different levels of learning that occur in our classrooms.  Therefore, we ask that parents not focus on age but more on your child’s abilities and development since EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

To help parents better understand our criteria for transition, here is what we look for:

Academic Development: Performance in class

Emotional Development: Self-help skills, handling of transitions, or perception of self

Social Development: Interaction with peers and authoritative figures, coping skills, or turn taking

Language Skills:  Receptive and Expressive

A Few Reminders.....

  1. All of the classroom doors are locked throughout the day.
  2. Please come into the office to sign your child in/out daily.
  3. As a reminder, when the teachers are not in the classrooms the rooms are closed. Please do not allow your child to play with toys without a teacher’s supervision.
  4. Help keep our library clean and ready for other students to check out books. 

  **We really appreciate your help with these things**



What's happening at Monticello Academy @ Monroe

Please check your calendars. Be sure to stay up to date with everything going on this month by looking at your lesson plans. You can also find this information in your classroom newsletter (you will find the school/classrooms newsletter attached to the right), the white boards located in your classroom and on your classroom web page as well. Please let us know if there's anything at all we can help you with, our door is always open.



Contact us...

Please allow at least 24 hours for your teacher to respond.  If you need an immediate response please call the school or email Ms. Celena or Ms. Darlene. 

Upcoming Events:

  • 4th of July Celebration               7/3
  • School Closed ~July 4th~          7/4 & 7/5
  • 2/3's Fieldtrip:
  • Childrens Discovery Museum       7/10
  • Guppy Assessments                   7/11 & 7/12
  • Little Explorers Petting Zoo         7/12
  • Two's Town Assessments           7/15 & 7/17
  • 4's Fieldtrip: Fuze Fit                  7/16
  • Sunshine Assessments                7/23 & 7/24
  • 3's/4's Fieldtrip: Pump It Up       7/25
  • 4's Fieldtrip: Las Palmas Park     7/26
July 2.jpg