Sunshine Philosophy

In the Sunshine Room, every child is respected and treated as a unique individual who learns at their own pace.  Through the developmentally age-appropriate, hands-on activities and individualized assessments, children are motivated to learn and are challenged to their best abilities.  Every child is praised with encouraging words and actions to help develop their self-confidence and appreciation for their surroundings.  Our main focus is not only to develop their academic abilities but also their social and emotional well being.  They are our future, and we are here to expand their horizons by allowing and accepting them for who they are, to challenge their innovative minds, to believe in their abilities, and to provide them wth the opportunity to create lifelong memories.

Photograph of Ms. Lien Le
Ms. Lien Le
Teacher: Preschool
Photograph of Ms. Sydney Hall
Ms. Sydney Hall
Preschool Teacher
Photograph of Linda Zhang
Linda Zhang
Teacher: Preschool