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Lochinvar School Directory in PDF:

K-8th School Directory (2021-2022)

Life Coach Services for Parents and Students:

Natalie Haworth-Liu Coaching

Schedules and Calendar:

Academic Calendar and Important Dates (2021-2022)

K-8 Class Schedules (2021-2022)


MA Preschool Parent Handbook

MA Elementary School Parent Handbook (2021-2022)

MA Middle School Parent/Student Handbook (2021-2022)

Online Applications:

For returning students, please contact the front office. For new students, please click  here.


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Preschool Extracurricular Classes and Information

Preschool Extracurricular Classes - Lochinvar

Preschool Extracurricular Classes - Monroe

K-8th Extracurricular Classes and Information

Extracurricular Information and Registration

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Photo Video Waiver Form

4th and 5th Grade Locker Request Form

Parking Lot Volunteer Form

Room Parent Volunteer Form

ABC Reader Volunteer Form