Welcome to the Monticello Academy After-School Program!

The After-School faculty members welcome our returning students as well as our new students with open arms.  As Monticello Academy continues to prosper each year, the After-School program flourishes in increasing numbers.  To better meet the developmental and academic needs of each student at different grade levels of learning, we have compartmentalized our classrooms.  

Our unique program specializes in building healthy, creative, and responsible individuals by equipping the students with the skills necessary to achieve both educational and personal life long goals.  To reach our goals, we engage in exciting activities from a multitude of subjects which include, but are not limited to science, art, drama, writing, cooking, public speaking, gardening, and physical education.  Our activities reinforce concepts studied in the core classrooms by offering alternative approaches which allow each student to discover new ideas; therefore, enhancing their educational experience.

Besides the social and emotional development, academic support is continued in the after-school program as students learn to prioritize and manage their time during homework club.  It is important for students to complete a majority of their homework prior to departure so that they can enjoy quality time with their family.

As our students progress, new found abilities will be applied to create a strong community connecting them both mentally and emotionally.  Individual expression will be met by tolerance and understanding as they work toward a common goal.  Our collective creativity will be the driving force behind the success of our program as we embark on a new exciting year here at Monticello Academy!

We look forward to working with you and your family!


Monticello Academy After-School Faculty Members

In-Service Care Registration for “All-Day” Students

When regular school is not in session during breaks, in-service care is available for students who are enrolled in the “All-Day” program. Due to COVID-19, we are not allowed to accept any drop-ins.  

Register for 1st semester In-Service Care (Nov. and Dec.)

Register for 2nd semester In-Service Care (Feb. and Apr.)