Welcome To Brave Intelligent Guides KIDS After School Care!

Here in the B.I.G. Kids program, we strive to build up our students to be healthy, creative, and responsible citizens in both their academic and personal lives. This program is unique because with the wide range of ages, all students bring something new and exciting to the table.

This year, our theme of the classroom is “A Journey into Outer Space“. We want to learn about our students’ dreams and aspirations and what they are most passionate about. We want them to be able to reach for the stars and focus on what makes each and every individual student a unique and special one. Here in B.I.G. Kids, we strive to help our students develop lifelong skills such as: communication, creativity, cultural awareness, innovation and a sense of teamwork. We believe these are the skills that are necessary to build our future leaders.

We are looking forward to working with you and your family in this upcoming school year. It gives us great pride to have the opportunity to get to know everyone and be a part of your child’s life.

If you have any questions,concerns or comments please feel free to contact us via phone: 

(408) 615-9416 ext. 126,

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B.I.G. Kids After - School Staff

B.I.G Kids Staff


3:30 – 4:15 Afternoon Snack & Outdoor Play

3:30 – 4:15 Early Homework Club

4:15 – 5:15 Homework Club 

4:15 – 5:45 Classroom Activities

5:45 – 6:00 Clean-up and Closing


1:15 – 3:30 Indoor/Outdoor Free Play

2:00 - 3:30 Early Homework Club

3:30 – 4:15 Afternoon Snack & Outdoor Play       

3:30 – 5:15 Homework Club

4:15 – 5:45 Classroom Activities                            

5:45 – 6:00 Clean-Up and Closing           

*Snack is closed @ 4:00