Lead Team & Administration

Our school leadership team is comprised of dedicated administrators who are here to provide the best support and guidance for our Monticello Academy families.  We strive to provide quality service for each student, parent, and faculty at our school.

Administration  -  K-8th Teachers  -  After school Teachers  -  Preschool Teachers


Trinh Trinh
Ms. Tarez Joudy
Mrs. Rebecca Leung
After School Care Director
Ms. Megan McMahon
Office Manager & Yearbook Advisor
Mrs. Nancy Nguyen
School Nurse

K-8th Teachers

Mrs. Reema Chahal
Teacher: 2nd Grade (2B)
Ms. Mayra Contreras
Teacher: English (6th-8th)
Ms. Eren Del Rio
Teacher: 1st Grade (1A)
Mrs. Maria Figueroa
Teacher: Spanish
Mrs. Amelia Fishpaw
Teacher: 3rd Grade (3A)
Mr. John Freitas
Teacher: 5th Grade (5A)
Ms. Lonie Fullerton
Art & Drama Director
Mrs. Brazill Givens
Teacher: Kindergarten (K3)
Mr. Kenneth Glassey
Teacher: Computer (3rd Grade)
Mrs. Kelly Green
Teacher: 3rd Grade (3A)
Ms. Natalie Haworth-Liu
Teacher: Music
Mr. John Hsu
Teacher: Physical Education
Mr. Arrash Jaffarzadeh
Director of Innovation and Technology
Mrs. Carrie Kari
Teacher: 4th Grade (4A)
Mrs. Amanda Loy
Teacher: 1st Grade (1B)
Ms. Sarireh Nadimi
Teacher: Kindergarten (K1)
Mr. Michael Norling
Teacher: Science (6th-8th)
Katie Pampuch
Teacher: 3rd Grade (3B)
Mrs. Anca Togan
Teacher: Kindergarten (K2)
Nam Vu
Teacher: 4th Grade (4B)
Mrs. Elise Walker
Teacher: 2nd Grade (2A)
Macy Ward
Robotics and Programming Coach, MS Elective Teacher, and 4th Grade Computer Technology
Sara Watchko
Teacher: Math (6th-8th)
Caitlyn Wickliffe
Teacher: 5th Grade (5B)

After school Teachers

Jessica Escamilla-Chavez
Teacher: Afterschool
Ms. Tazia Hendrix
Teacher: Afterschool
Ms. Anna Jew
Teacher: Afterschool (1st Grade)
Ms. Juana Munoz
Teacher: Afterschool
Zarette Munoz Aguilar
Teacher: Afterschool
Ms. Surey Munoz-Richardson
Teacher: Afterschool
Shamiso Nyikadzino
Teacher: Afterschool
Ms. Lucy Phan
Teacher: Afterschool
Mr. Neptali Ramirez
Ms. Monique Terehoff
Teacher: Afterschool
Ms. Brittany Tobias
Teacher: Afterschool

Preschool Teachers

Ms. Barbara Diggs
Teacher: Preschool
Ms. Sydney Hall
Preschool Teacher
Monica Ishak
Teacher: Preschool
Mrs. Darla Johnson
Teacher: Preschool
Ms. Lien Le
Teacher: Preschool
Ms. Elena Lopez
Teacher: Preschool
Mrs. Mary Ann Lopez
Teacher: Preschool
Ms. Maria Luong
Teacher: Preschool
Sujithra Selvaraj
Teacher: Preschool
Jean Soper
Teacher: Preschool
Sophie Yan
Teacher: Preschool
Linda Zhang
Teacher: Preschool