Please click on the link below for Monticello Academy OPAC. 

Monticello Academy Library

Currently, the MA library is closed for circulation due to COVID. Please bring back library materials checked out ASAP to the front office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Circulation Rules: No exceptions including faculty and staff

- No one shall remove the library materials without properly checking them out.

- To check out, please bring books to either the librarian's desk (upper library by the 1st grade after school) or to the front office.

- You may check out up to 5 books in total at all times. If you still possess previous books you checked out, please deduct that number from the 5 allowed quota.

- The circulation period is up to 3 weeks (21 days), and you may renew up to 3 consecutive times. 

     * Any unreturned books after the due date is considered as lost, so please renew them before the due date. You can renew the items yourself through your library account or bring them to the front office/librarian.

     * If not renewed before the due date, the patron will have a daily fine of $0.15/book.

     * If the book is lost, you have two options to resolve the matter. 1) replace the book in the exact format, such as paperbacks, hardcover, library binding, same publisher, etc. 2) pay a fine either billed through smart tuition or PayPal on the library portal. If you choose to be billed through smart tuition, please contact the librarian.

     * The lost book calculation as follows; The cost of a book + tax + any applicable late dues + restocking fees of $10.00/book.

- Everyone has a library account to log in. Please contact the librarian for user id and password assistance.