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Deciding which Kindergarten is best for your Child 

Believe it or not, this is the time of year to start thinking about Kindergarten. Many schools hold Kindergarten Registration in January. It may seem like September is so far away, but it comes quicker than you know it! Deciding what type of Kindergarten is best for your child can be difficult.  Below are some things to consider before making that big decision.

·         Academic content should not be the focal point of choice. Teaching styles and curriculum should be taken into consideration.  Your child’s social and emotional maturity should be considered as well.

·         Private vs. Public… What are your plans after 1st grade? These are things to take into account. Is private school your choice to give your child a bit of a “head start” on foundational skills? Are class sizes important to you?  Will you eventually go to public school?

·         Moving into elementary school with peers: While it can make things a tad easier for your child, it will not hinder them from being successful in Kindergarten. The change from 4-5 years to 5-6 years is amazing and drastic all at once. At 5 and 6 years of age they are interested in new and different things. Apart of the elementary school experience is interacting with new children and adults.

·         Ask your self, “What is best for my child?” Go with what your instinct tells you!

January News
Upcoming Events in January
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1/15 Movie Day! 
1/18 School Closed in recognition of M.L.K Jr. Day 
1/22 ABC Reader with Ms. Celena 
1/29 Cooking  Cheesecake Shooters 


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