Reviewing during the summer…

Your children learned so much this past year.  Children are like clocks, if you don’t keep winding them they may stop ticking! We will continue to have language and math circles followed by a worksheet as well as our daily science/social science circle in the afternoon.  If you feel your child is forgetting some of the concepts they learned this past year feel free to implement at home. You can purchase workbooks from Costco, Target, Lakeshore Learning Center, Morrison’s School Supply, or Jump Q Learning Store. The challenge is deciding how much work you want them to do. We have to remember that their summer before Kindergarten should be fun filled and memorable. At the same time we do not want them to enter Kindergarten feeling unprepared since this is what they worked towards all year! Please feel free to talk to Ms. Monica or Ms. Sheryl if you have any questions or would like recommendations of workbooks.

Tuesday 6/4 Cosmo Magic Show
Tuesday 6/11 Field Tip Machado Park 9-12
Friday 6/14 Water Play
Tuesday 6/18 Bike Day
Wednesday 6/19 Emancipation Day School CLOSED
Friday 6/21 Ms. Sheryl Birthday Celebration
Friday 6/25 Field Trip Lego Land

School Closed Wednesday 6/19

Sunshine Scoop

June 3-7 Sports Week June 10-14 Art Extravaganza                June 17-21 Space          June 24-29 Lego

Be sure to apply sunscreen on your child before arriving to school.  

We will apply at 3:30 unless you have specified another time. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Ms. Sheryl Sunday 6/21

 Friday 6/21