Getting ready for Graduation

We have already begun practice for your child’s Pre-K Promotion. The graduation ceremony will be on May 27th @ 11:00. We will practice every Wednesday and Thursday @ 9:15 promptly. It is imperative that you are here either at this time or before. There are many things your child will have to remember during the ceremony including who is next to them, where they sit, and the songs and choreography. Below are some tips to ensure your child is here for practice as well as ways to build this event up.

·       If your child is slow moving in the mornings be sure to send them to bed at least a half hour early the night before. Showing up to graduation practice late can be intimidating for some children to join right in.

·       Talk about what this promotion means. Kindergarten is right around the corner and there is much excitement surrounding their first year in elementary school.

·       Since this is a milestone, you can also bring up how much your child has learned and that they have become much better listeners. Encourage your child to continue being responsible and productive citizens.

Happy Birthday to...

Albert 6/19

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Dates to remember in June

6/3  Cooking Project: S’mores on a Stick

6/6  Wear your favorite baseball cap

6/7  Wear your favorite jersey

6/9  Dress for Yoga

6/10  Movie Day

6/14  Crazy Space Hair

6/15  Popsicle Day

6/17  Tank Tops and Shorts Day

6/22  Sunglasses Day

6/24  Cooking Project: Red, white and Blue Treats

Popsicle Day 



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