Tip of the Month 

Celebrating Planet Earth

What can your family do to help our planet?

Turn off the lights 

This one is so simple but just turning off the lights in the hallway or when you leave a room can have a big impact.

Turn off the water 

While brushing your teeth or even washing the dishes, make sure to turn off the water in between.

Plant a tree or a bush 

This is something you can do seasonally with your kids in the spring and the fall. Adding trees and bushes to your environment helps to promote air quality.

Plant perennial flowers

Planting flowers is always a fun spring activity, but you can also plant bulbs in the fall so that they come up year after year too. Continually adding beautiful flowers to you home will be something you can all look forward to year-after-year as they bloom.

Clean up a park or forest preserve

Take your kids on a little field trip to clean up an area of the planet that could use a little help. Grab some plastic gloves, a garbage bag and find a park or a forest area that could use a little litter clean-up. Make a bag for plastic, one for paper and one for actual trash so you can make the most out of the clean-up and recycle too.

Feed the animals

Feeding the animals in your backyard or at a local pond is a great way to help kids feel like they are taking care of the planet. They always love this one and it makes the animals happy too. Make a bird feeder or leave some fruit out on the branches of trees for rabbits and squirrels. Just keep in mind the proper food for the animals. For instance, bread and ducks shouldn’t go together, but you can feed them corn.

Gather and recycle batteries

We have a bunch of batteries in our house, but you shouldn’t just throw them away. If you throw them in the trash the chemicals inside will seep into the ground as they begin to rot in landfills. The chemicals can get into the soil and the water, which becomes dangerous for us.

Remember to recycle at home

Almost all packaging for food can be recycled. Make a trash can inside your house for the recycled materials so you can easily put bulky bottles and broken-down boxes in there versus the trash. If you use this system you will be more likely to recycle the goods and products you use. 

Take shorter showers 

I know the benefits of taking a long, hot shower but there’s long-term benefits for the planet when you limit your shower or don’t fill the kids’ bath tub as high. According to Boston University, the average American uses 25,300 gallons of water a year. That’s more than 69 gallons daily and an average shower can use 5 gallons of water per minute.


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