Welcome to Sunshine Room

Many friends are on their way to kindergarten, whether it be virtually or in person. We said our good byes and wished them well!

As for the Pre-K Class of 2021, we are busy preparing their academic year. In Sunshine we are doing our best to offer a sense of normalcy during these unprecedented times. We will still teach are curriculum and we can't wait to start the learning. If you have any question please do not hesitate to email us  sunshine_monroe@monticelloacademy.org


By Ms. Danielle & Ms. Chely

     August will be a very exciting month for the Sunshine Room. Summer camp is coming to an end and we are busy preparing the classroom for the academic school year. Sunshiners had active bodies and active minds this summer as we reviewed many important concepts. The month will begin with the theme Carnivals, Fairs & Circus, we will continue to explore the outdoors and paint silly clown faces.  Our next theme of the month will be Music & Dance.  During this week we will explore music and dancing throughout the week in and out of the class. Animation Celebration is next.  This is a fun week where we will explore our favorite TV shows or Movies and our favorite cartoon character.   To say farewell to the summer, we will have an end of the Summer Party in the classroom with yummy cold treats. Fall is just around the Corner! We are so excited to begin a new school year and the many discoveries that will take place inside the Sunshine Room. We can’t wait to welcome new faces to our classroom but will miss our friends who are leaving for Kindergarten. The first day of the academic school year will be September 8th.

Upcoming Events

8/7               Carnival Day in sunshine

8/13             Wear your Favorite Dance Clothes

8/14             Dance Party - Happy Birthday Ms. Danielle!         

8/21             MOVIE DAY

8/26             Wear your Favorite Color to School

9/4               End of the Summer Party in Sunshine


Special Reminders

  • Please be sure to send two sets of weather appropriate clothes (that fit) including socks and underwear and one extra pair of shoes. Please keep a light weight jacket also as evenings are unpredictable 

Happy Birthday to… Ms. Danielle and Spes 

Upcoming Events in August
8/7     Carnival Games in Class
8/13   Wear Clothes that Make you Want to Dance
8/14   Happy Birthday Ms. Danielle! MOVIE DAY
8/28   Wear your Favorite Color
8/31   Hat Day


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