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Always Make Sure To Wash Your Hands!

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When to wash your hands

* When you get home from stepping outside the house.

* Before you eat!

* After you go to the bathroom.

* After you cough or sneeze.

* After you play with pets.

* After you play outside.

Washing your hands keeps the germs away and help you stay healthy and strong! :)

Potty Training

The key to potty training success is patience and an awareness that children reach this miliestone at their own pace. Different strategies work with different children. Several areas of development need to line up first. The child has to commincate well, be aware of his bodliy feelings, and understand how much time he needs to get there.

How will you know your child is ready? 

  • Your changing fewer diapers
  • Bowel movements become more regular
  • Your little one is more vocal about going to the bathroom
  • Your child notices (and doesn't like) dirty diapers

Once you feel your child is ready here are some tips to help the process:

  1. Play up pottying positives.
  2. Establish standard bathroom talk. Never refer to your child's diaper contents as "smelly" or "gross"; she'll be much more comfortable with toileting if she views elimination as a natural, non "yucky" process.
  3. Dress for potty training success. Get in the habit of dressing your toddler in the right potty training clothes (pants that pull up and down without any fiddling-no overalls or tricky buttons) and then practice the all important pull down maneuver. Ask your child to pull their own pants down for diaper changes and have them pull them back up when you are done. 
  4. Show your toddler how to use the toilet. Toddlers love to mimic. Toileting is no different


Since Trick or Treating may be questionable this year  we would like to make it as special as possible in our classroom. Being that our school is a safe and controlled environment we want the kiddos to have as munch fun as possible on Friday October 30th. This year we will allow the children to wear their costume all day (as long as it doesn't get in the way of toileting). We are currently in the works of figuring out how to have a safe trick or treat within the school. In Two's Town we will have a small party and enjoy Movie Day and our Costumes. More information to come! 

Meet the teachers!

Photograph of Ms. Jasmine Valles
Ms. Jasmine Valles
Teacher: Preschool
Photograph of Ms. Lucy Doan
Ms. Lucy Doan
Teacher: Preschool
Photograph of Ms. Ishita Tiwari
Ms. Ishita Tiwari
Teacher: Preschool


We would like to extend our warmest welcome to you and your family.  We look forward to working with you to provide a nurturing and educational environment for your child.  As you know, children at this age are emerging from toddlerhood and becoming young preschoolers.  They have endless energy and boundless curiosity for exploration.  Therefore, our program is designed to enable children to actively explore their world with confidence and autonomy.  We challenge the children with developmentally appropriate activities in the different learning centers, and we promote independence by encouraging them with the basic self-help skills such as feeding, dressing and potty training.

Important Dates in October

10/5  Crazy Socks Day

10/7  Flying Paper Airplanes Outside

10/13 Wear Brown

10/14 Cooking Day

10/20 Wear Yellow

10/21 Pajama Day

10/26 Crazy Hair Day

10/29 Wear Black and Orange

10/30 Movie Day and Halloween Festivities