Going the Distance

There is no half-way to loving a child.  You have to go the distance.  They have to be loved on their good days when their smiles light up your heart.  They have to be loved on those bad days when they upset you so much, you want to scream.  

It's the same with setting limits.  You can't set limits and then not follow through.  You have to follow through all the time.  You have to go the distance.  

It's not always easy balancing love and limits, but children need you to do both to thrive. 

March 2020 Chronicles

By: Ms. Darla, Ms. MaryAnn, Ms. Joy and Ms.Lorna

The first two weeks of March was filled with learning about different types of animals that live on the farm as well as under the sea.  The children have really enjoyed learning about how the animals live, what they eat and what sounds they make.  The children brought many books for us to read during class time.  They also really enjoyed doing the different animal art projects.  They turned out really good.

We spent time reviewing all the letters of the alphabet, number recognition and counting continuously from 1-20.  It was important for us to help the children to be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1-10.   


Photograph of Mrs. Mary Ann Lopez
Mrs. Mary Ann Lopez
Teacher: Preschool
Photograph of Sophie Yan
Sophie Yan
Teacher: Preschool

Upcoming Events:

  • April 6-10-E Learning about "Flowers"
  • April 13-17- E Learning about "Bugs Galore!"
  • April 20-24- E Learning about "Celebration of the Young Child"
  • April 27-May 1- E Learning about "Favorite Books"